April 29, 2017

Over the course of five Saturdays, we will be running our Words of Remembrance that we shared at our Dad’s funeral. Today’s features Caroline’s words.

“Once you realize how good you can be you will really be great.”
This is what my dad always said to me whenever I was going into something big – a test, a swim race, a job interview, a marathon. He was always building my confidence, even if it was at his own expense – see countless Alumni Meet races…

When you cry, be sure to dry your eyes,
Cause better days are sure to come.
And when you smile, be sure to smile wide,
And don’t let them know that they have won.
And when you walk, walk with pride,
And don’t show the hurt inside,
Because the pain will soon be gone.

And when you laugh, be sure to laugh out loud,
Cause it will carry all your cares away.
And when you see, see the beauty all around and in yourself,
And it will help you feel okay.
And when you pray, pray for strength to help to carry on,
But when the troubles come your way.

And when you dream, dream big,
As big as the ocean, blue.
Cause when you dream it might come true.
For when you dream, dream big.

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