December 9, 2016

Fitness Friday

“Papa, someday I’m going to be an Olympic champ.” – Dr. Sammy Lee (1920-2016)


“Son, I’ll back you all the way, but you have to promise me you will study as much as you’re going to be diving.” – Soonkee Rhee, father of Dr. Sammy Lee


To Do Today: “Remember to exercise your mind as well as your body.” – Soonkee Rhee


Sammy Lee, First Asian-American to Earn Olympic Gold, Dies at 96

In the golden California summers before World War II, Sammy Lee, a Korean-American, was just one of the “colored” boys in the Pasadena pool on Wednesdays. That was “International Day,” when Asian, black and Latino children were allowed to swim. After they were gone, the pool was drained and refilled with clean water for the white children who came every other day of the week.

Read the full The New York Times obituary:


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