February 7, 2018

In honor of National Girls & Women in Sports Day, I am sharing a portion of a speech Bill gave at the Cincinnati USA Women’s Sports Association awards dinner in 2012.

The history of women’s sports is a story of vision and perseverance. It’s about the women who wanted to play and couldn’t be stopped. It’s about the women who broke the barriers and created the opportunities for many young girls to compete. Now it’s your turn to pay it forward.

Get involved to create opportunities for those who follow you. Here’s how you can help:
Continue to encourage girls to compete.
Volunteer as a coach – girls need great role models.
Attend more women’s sporting events and take your friends and family with you. (The 2012 women’s national semi-final basketball game between Notre Dame and UConn was one of the greatest games – male or female – I’ve ever watched.)
Pester the media to cover more women’s sports.
Show people that you care about women’s sports!

If you do not step up now, who will? It’s your time to make a difference.

The future of women’s sports is unlimited, and we all need to invest in it and be a part of it. Let’s show our community that “Girls Got Game!”

Bill Keating, Jr.

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