April 22, 2017

Over the course of five Saturdays, we will be running our Words of Remembrance that we shared at our Dad’s funeral. Today’s features Paul’s words.

Thank you all for being here to celebrate the life of my father.

Throughout my life, I watched many movies with him. Many of which were tailored towards specific action adventure heroes. It wasn’t until recently, that I learned my father had many similar traits as these characters.

James Bond was a guy that was given many high tech devices to help accomplish his mission. To my father, all of you were his devices that helped him achieve his goals. Whether he could do it alone or not, he wanted everyone to be a part of his mission.

It was Rocky Balboa’s attitude and determination that made him a champion. When my father faced big challenges, he didn’t shy away, he was persistent in achieving the goals that meant so much to him. Like Rocky, he wouldn’t let the doubt of others defeat him.

John Rambo. He was a quiet man, full of big action. He served his country, never asking for thanks, and often going above and beyond the call of the mission. My dad was very much the same. He was humble in his own big actions, but went above and beyond to serve his community.

Superman. When Lois Lane was flying with Superman for the first time, she was scared. Superman told Lois, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” to which Lois replied “But who’s got you?”

During the past few months, I would assist my father in daily tasks, often telling him “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” to which he always replied “But who’s got you?”

I ask all of you today to challenge yourselves to add some of these characteristics to your everyday lives. Utilize those around you. Never let the doubt of others defeat you. Be humble. Serve your community. And when you help someone in need, and they ask “but who’s got you?” You tell them, Billy’s got you.

Billy’s got us all now.

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