September 28, 2018

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King

To Do Today: Come join the Cincinnati community this weekend as it comes together as one to fight cancer. On Saturday (9/29), Cincinnati’s hospitals, healthy systems, cancer care organizations, cancer support organizations/non-profits, along with the Cincinnati Reds will come together to “Knock Cancer Out of the Park” at the Reds vs. Pirates game.

You can join the block party with local cancer organizations outside Great American Ballpark starting at 1:00 p.m. (No ticket required). One of the organizations at the block party will be WJK THD friends – The Karen Wellington Foundation. KWF puts FUN on the calendars of women and families LIVING with breast cancer – people with calendars filled with doctors’ appointments, tests, chemo and radiation treatments, surgeries and worries. KWF sends them on memorable vacations and provide relaxing spa days, dinners out, concerts and other FUN-ONLY activities.

One of those FUN recipients is Christy Runions, a stage IV cancer survivor. Christy was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in 2012, and stage IV in 2016. She has since rallied through countless tests, treatments and surgeries. In the summer of 2016 she got a call from KWF telling her she had been nominated for a vacation to Seacrest Beach, Florida. A family who owned a home there would not be using it in October and offered to send Christy and a friend there to get away from her worries and enjoy some FUN in the sun. Christy gladly agreed. She spent the week lounging on the beach, sipping wine and eating delicious food with her best friend. She was able to push cancer to the very back of her mind for that wonderful week.

Christy returned home with a renewed sense of energy and hope. She decided that she would use the wonderful gift she had been given as motivation to live her life more fully, and to help others do the same. Since then she has become one of The Karen Wellington Foundation’s busiest volunteers and biggest cheerleaders. She has volunteered her time at countless events to raise funds for KWF to provide more FUN for more women like her, living with breast cancer. Christy is an inspiration to all of us.

Come join Christy, KWF, Cincinnati’s cancer community, and the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday as we “Knock Cancer Out of the Park!”

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