January 13, 2018

Weight of a Snowflake

Not too long ago in a place not too far away, a field mouse asked a wise old owl what is the weight of a snowflake. “Why nothing more than nothing,” answered the owl.

The mouse went on to tell the owl about the time he was resting on a branch in a fir tree, counting each snowflake until the number was exactly 3 million, 471 thousand, 952.

Then with the settling of the very next flake – crack. The branch suddenly snapped, tumbling the mouse and the snow to the ground.

“Humph …Such was the weight of nothing,” said the mouse.

So the next time you think your contributions, your acts of charity, your works of justice, your gifts of love, and your talents are nothing, or that they are small in comparison to those of others, remember that when one is added to another, and then to another and so forth, great things can happen from nothing.

In the same way, what seems to be ordinary can be transformed into something extraordinary with just a little extra nothing.

“What you do may seem insignificant, but it’s important that you do it – it all adds up.” – Friar Telly, II

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