January 2, 2018

“There are only 3 colors, 10 digits, and 7 musical notes; it’s what we do with them that’s most important.” – fortune cookie

To Do Today: Use the resources at your disposal – you have everything you need to accomplish your 2018 goals.


Join the WJK THD community in chasing our dreams this year. We’ll keep track of our goals and progress throughout the year on the WJK THD website.



Make your 2018 New Year’s resolutions in one or more of the following categories:

  • Family
  • Community
  • Self Improvement
  • Business
  • Expand Yourself – Get out of your comfort zone and do something you have never done before
  • Adventurous – Follow you heart and do something you have always wanted to do
  • Say “Yes” more often
  • Follow the passion in your heart

– Friar Telly, II

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