December 19, 2017

“I’m still recovering from my birthday – I drank, lost a few dollars, hung out with a younger woman, left my coat somewhere, and lost some blood in the process.” – Bill Keating, Jr. recounting his birthday

What did he mean by that?

He’d start his day by attending 6:00am Mass at St. Xavier downtown, where he’d have some wine. Then he’d visit Hoxworth to donate blood and after that, St. Vincent de Paul to donate his coat. The younger woman was me (Liz), his daughter. We’d meet for a grilled cheese lunch. In the afternoon, he’d stop by a few organizations that had made an impact on him the preceding year. He’d meet the team, thank them for their work, and make a donation. His birthday was spent doing things for others.

To Do Today: In honor of what would have been Dad’s 64th birthday, make a donation of your time, money, coat, or blood.

Happy Birthday, Dad! We love and miss you.

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