March 4, 2017

The Most Commanding Day of the Year

“The person who achieves success is the person who moves forward with a steady resolution and persistence toward his or her predetermined goals.”
To Do Today:  Today is the most commanding day of the year – “March Forth” (4th) and conquer your goals!

How to Celebrate March Forth on March 4th
By an eHow Contributor

March Forth is a little known holiday that was created by Deborah Shouse, a famous writer, speaker and creativity coach.

It is celebrated on March 4th and invites us to march forth into our lives, take on new experiences, and celebrate our accomplishments. Here is how to celebrate this holiday.


  1. Tell everyone you know about March 4th and encourage them to celebrate and march forth in their own lives.
    2.    Take some quiet time for yourself to reflect on your life and the year that just passed.
    3.    Think about the future and where you would like to see yourself in one year, five years, and ten years.
    4.    Forgive yourself for any shortcomings you might have and let go of any guilt you are carrying for not keeping your New Year’s resolutions.
    5.    Write down a list of goals that you would like to achieve by March 4th of next year. Keep the list close – where you will see it every day. Work on meeting one goal at a time during the year.
    6.    Try something new on March 4th. Take tennis or drawing lessons, explore a hobby, or tackle a fun project that you haven’t made time for.
    7.    Play inspirational music while you are celebrating March Forth. Choose songs that make you feel upbeat and motivated.
    8.    Spend some time during the day doing something just for you. Celebrate March Forth by pampering yourself. Take a long hot bubble bath, crawl into bed with a good book, or go for a long walk.
    9.    Wish everyone born on March 4th a Happy Birthday!

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